Mattia Prete is a Berlin-based multifaceted artist, label manager, and promoter whose highly ambitious electronic music is influenced by club styles such as techno and electronica, merged with the intricate rhythms of jazz and organic instruments.

Inspired by the unbridled creativity of these genres, Prete’s work in the studio is infused with sci-fi futurism and the immersive, expansive nature of film soundtracks, resulting in a unique sound that has gained him acclaimed support from the international underground scene. He signed his debut with “Moon, Please Don’t Go Away” in 2020 on Jazzotech, the label he manages, and has since released a vinyl EP titled “Life is Waiting” on the experimental “Faith Disciplines” label, as well as a series of singles such as “Palettes” and “Zamovliannia” which featured classical musicians from some of the Dnipro’s Philharmonie.

As the label manager and A&R of Jazzotech, Prete has laid the foundation for a new club scene through the creation of original productions and live events featuring jazzists and electronic musicians.

One of his most inspiring projects is the Double LP “This is Techno Jazz,” which brings together artists like Stanislav Tolkachev working with Finnish band Himanen & Kinnunen, Katharina Ernst with Spanish techno innovator Reeko, Tensal with Turin jazz band TUN, Fabrizio Rat, and trombonist Gianluca Petrella, among others. This project has also inspired a party of the same name at Kantine Am Berghain and Sage beach, featuring legends and innovators such as Matthew Herbert, Fabrizio Rat, and Studnitzky.

As a DJ, Prete has a broad sound and uses silence as a tool to increase the dynamics of his music, selecting fluid and selective genres such as Techno, Modern Classical, Jazz, Electronica, and Broken Beat, always built on strongly propulsive grooves. He likes to take risks and experiment in all kinds of situations, as he has learned from hundreds of hours as a resident at Amigdala, one of Rome’s most prestigious parties. As part of the Beat Movement project (from 2010 to 2020), he has toured the best clubs in Europe, from Tresor to Griessmuhle in Berlin, from Street Party Pristina in Kosovo to Lärm in Budapest and the Moog Club in Barcelona, releasing music with acclaimed techno artists such as Umwelt, Tolkachev, Mulero, Sharpe, and Shxcxhxchxhchx.

Prete recently co-founded the Garden 505 recording studio and his 505 band project with Daniel Calvi, aiming to redefine electronic rhythms with a more sensitive triphop sound, using live electronics and organic instruments to give his grooves a trippy detail or electric texture that makes them even more engaging and enchanting.