Mattia Prete is a dreamer. His mind and his music are lost in cinematic worlds where the freeformnature of jazz and hypnotic repetition of techno trap you in the moment. He is someone who gets you in a trance as both a DJ and a producer. He is always looking to make deep connections with mind, body and spirit, and as such is one of avant guard techno’s most vital artists.

Prete grew up in Lecce, and was obsessed with a DJ controller his parents bought him before hewas even a teenager. That obsession grew and within a couple of years he was playing anywhere he could, from birthday parties to beach parties. It was techno that most fascinated him, though, and eventually took him to Berlin. The German techno capital is now where he runs this own parties, has his own studio and manages two forward-thinking labels in aurora., which builds bridges between scenes and sounds all over Europe, and jazz-o-tech, which fuses jazz experimentation with techno soul into fresh new sounds by artists like Sunil Sharpe, Tensal and Vsk, and also includes the This is Techno Jazz party in Berlin

As a DJ, Prete cooks up meditative and mesmerising atmospheres that are always built on powerfully propulsive grooves. He has a widescreen sound and uses silence as a tool to augment the dynamics of his music. He is also a DJ who likes to take risks, having learned how to do so after hundreds of hours as a resident at Amigdala, one of Rome’s most revered parties. As part of the Beat Movement project, he has toured Europe’s finest from Tresor and Griessmuhle in Berlin, to Street Party Pristina in Kosovo, Lärm in Budapest and Moog Club in Barcelona. “I love to experiment in every kind of situation,” he says. “It does not matter if the club is big or small, or the crowd weird or composed, I just love to serve up something unexpected.

The intricate rhythms of jazz and unrestrained creativity of the genre are what inspire Prete in the studio. Add to that a love of sci-fi futurism and the immersive, expansive nature of film soundtracks, and you have all the things that make his work so unique. So far it has come on the likes of Subsist and PoleGroup’s digital platform Aine (as part of Beat Movement), as well as DLB Mand his own jazzotech alongside artists like S. Tolkachev, Oscar Mulero, Shxcxchx, Umwelt and Sunil Sharpe. Each new track always shows a subtle evolution in his style, from deep to diving, dreamy to dark.

While constantly searching for a perfect loop that can spin forever without growing boring, Prete also makes sure his grooves have a trippy detail or electric texture that makes them all the more absorbing and enchanting. “I try to transform my bad emotions into tracks with good feelings. My aim is to be constantly in flux, never be repetitive or tied to only one musical style.”

Transforming emotions and subverting expectations is what Mattia Prete does best, and he’s only just getting started.